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Samode is a tiny village 50 km north of Jaipur. Tourists come to Samode to stay at the heritage hotels of Samode since there isn't much else by way of monuments in this area. The traditional Rajasthani architecture and the warm hospitality at Samode make a stay in the hotels in Samode truly memorable. Travel to Samode and stay at hotels in Samode with India Rajasthan Tours.

Samode is a rustic Rajasthan hamlet with a history that goes back to nearly 400 years...Samode was given to Prince Gopal Singhji by Maharaja Prithviraj Singh of Amber. Along with Samode, Gopal Singh was also awarded the heriditary title of Rawal Saheb. Enjoy horse safaris, camel rides and village treks on Samode tours.

Samode Haveli : Samode Haveli is a fascinating heritage hotel where you experience folkways and contemporary facilities encased in eternal warmth.

Samode Palace : The Samode Palace Hotel is located ideally in a picturesque setting in the desert town of Samode and is easily one of Samode's most prestigious hotels. The hotel is designed in the traditional haveli style.

Hotel Samode Bagh : Providing a rare kind of tented accommodation, Hotel Samode Bagh has become known as one of the best hotels in Rajasthan. Nestled in quiet and scenic surroundings, Hotel Samode Bagh is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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